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Why Choose Ever Green Driving School

Established in May 1993, Evergreen Driving School (EDS) has more than twenty years of experience in providing both in-class and in-car instruction to students. As a specialized driving school accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO), it's a MTO-Approved BDE Course Provider (General Certificate Training Course for New Drivers).

Over the past twenty years, EDS has developed a unique phased-in teaching methodology in combination with the advanced driving simulator to ensure that the new drivers achieve the following: get a hands-on experience in three hours, become a reasonable driver in six hours, and meet the standards in ten hours. The success rate of road test for students has reached 90%, resulting in good reputation of EDS. The school is not only highly recognized by its students, but also highly commended by exam officers at the drive-test centres.

EDS has gathered nearly 50 professional licensed driving instructors, and provides each student with a comprehensive, complete and personalized coaching. Using advanced network technology, and in addition to providing a full set of in-class and in-vehicle driving lessons, EDS also provides written exam counseling, intensive road test coaching, and insurance estimate services to meet all the needs throughout the learning process.

OneStop Driving School is providing one of the best learning experience on BDE Courses for many years!
Once you learned it from our school, you can benefit from the learning driving experience for your entire life.

BDE Lesson 1
  1. Introductin to BDE Course and Ontario Driver Licensing system
  2. Driving behaviours
  3. Cooperative driving
  4. Minimizing risk / defensive skills
  5. Observation and Visual perception
  6. Law enforcements and Demerit point System
BDE Lesson 2
  1. Get acquainted with the vehicle
  2. Seat belts, infant and baby car seats and booster cushions
  3. Prevention of drinking and driving, and Consequences
  4. Dangerous driving
  5. Night driving and Driving in bad weather
BDE Lesson 3
  1. Special city conditions
  2. Freeway driving
  3. Rural driving
  4. Road test preparation
  5. Road test video analysis
BDE Lesson 4
  1. Purchasing and Selling cars 101
  2. Fuel efficiency and car maintenance
  3. Car insurance
  4. Collisions and accidents
  5. Dealing with accidents

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