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Established in May 1993, Evergreen Driving School (EDS) has more than twenty years of experience in providing both in-class and in-car instruction to students. As a specialized driving school accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation (MTO), it provides government-approved BDE course (General Certificate Training Course for New Drivers).

Over the past twenty years, EDS has developed a unique phased-in teaching methodology in combination with the advanced driving simulator to ensure that the new drivers achieve the following: get a hands-on experience in three hours, become a reasonable driver in six hours, and meet the standards in ten hours. The success rate of road test for students has reached 90%, resulting in good reputation of EDS. The school is not only highly recognized by its students, but also highly commended by exam officers at the drive-test centres.

EDS has gathered nearly 50 professional licensed driving instructors, and provides each student with a comprehensive, complete and personalized coaching. Using advanced network technology, and in addition to providing a full set of in-class and in-vehicle driving lessons, EDS also provides written exam counseling, intensive road test coaching, and insurance estimate services to meet all the needs throughout the learning process.